Race: Saturday, 29th September 2018

Weather: Sunny for cold in the shade (and quite windy).

We had a team from Brisbane racing today.  They managed to get to the starting point which is always a positive start!  They both enjoyed Fantastic Race Sydney and would like to see a race in Brisbane.  I will try to accommodate them.  Team MC Hammer finished the race in a time of 2:44 minutes ….  Why not grab a team and see how fast you can do Fantastic Race Sydney – will your team become the team record to beat??

Race: Saturday, 22nd September 2018

Weather: Nice warm day – hot 26oC

We had one team racing today – a team of four friends down from the Blue Mountains for a day out.  They dressed up and had a ball.  They did a very respectable time and earned their gold medal! Deserved their glass of bubbly at the end of Fantastic Race Sydney.

Race: Saturday, 15th September 2018

Weather: Gorgeous sunny, hot day in Sydney Town!

We had two teams racing today – all rather competitive which is always a good vibe.  Off and racing with a bit of a sneaky covert operation taking place at one of the clues – so clever Morgan! The teams set an impressive time and finished in 2h 32mins and 2hr 37mins respectively – only a help line time penalty the difference!

Thanks for supporting Fantastic Race Sydney – we hope to see you again soon for another race route.

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Race: Saturday, 8th September 2018

Weather:overcast but Sydney was nice and it didn’t rain on our parade…

We had three teams racing today – all pumped and ready to race after our starting cheer.  All teams solved the first clue very quickly and off into the streets of Sydney they raced. All quiet on the help mobile – no calls – clever teams! What will the times be – will they beat the race record – no, but the winning team came in at 2 hours 20 minutes – FANTASTIC effort 🙂

Thanks for supporting Fantastic Race Sydney – we hope to see you again. Why not sign up for the race and see if you can beat the race record time … go to our Book Here tab.

Race: Saturday, 1st September 2018

Weather: blue sky with a bit of cloud cover.

We had two teams racing for the gold medal and bragging rights! Both teams were keen to get started and out of the wind.  First clue – solved – check! Off to find clue 2. Both teams thoroughly enjoyed themselves, but they did have to use the “phone the host” help line to get a clue or two. The winning team finished the race in just over 3 hours – FANTASTIC effort team .

Thanks for supporting Fantastic Race Sydney – we hope to see you again. Why not sign up for the race and see if you can beat the race record time … go to our Book Here tab.

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