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Finally! After Months Of Waiting…Sydney’s Most Sought After Team-Building Adventure Race Is Taking Bookings Again!

Book today for a fast-paced, adventure of a life-time and experience a hidden, exciting side of Sydney most tourists (and Aussies) will never see…

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 This was one of the coolest things I have ever done in my life! Good questions, hard clues, adrenaline rush! A MUST DO! You will NOT be disappointed!

– Eva Rodiers, Aiken, Belgium

Get Ready For The Challenge Of A Life-time…

You’ve seen the Amazing Race ™ reality TV show… now live your own Fantastic race in the heart of beautiful Sydney!

After months of packed bookings, Sydney’s Fantastic Race is open and taking reservations again.

Whether your a fitness or experience junkie looking for the next thrill…

A visiting tourist wanting to see the best of Sydney in a unique, exciting way… Or a corporate manager looking for a way to build confidence, competitiveness and get the best out of your staff. There is no group too big or small, with public races taking place on the weekends that allow for individual or small group bookings.

Sydney’s Fantastic Race is an exciting team building adventure that could turn into one of the greatest experiences of your life.

Book today and you’ll soon find yourself breathlessly running through the heart of Sydney, solving puzzles, making friends, and experiencing your own amazing race.

Bring Out Your Natural Competitiveness And Grow As A Team…

Over the course of several hours (your finish time depends on how smart, quick and resourceful you are), you’ll walk, run, and riddle your way across some of Sydney’s most beautiful landmarks.

Your team will be given clues, puzzles to solve, routes to race through, and the opportunity to see hidden parts of Sydney you’d normally walk right past.

You’ll challenge your wits, your stamina and your sense of adventure…

But most of all you’ll grow as a team. Building bonds between your family, friends and workmates that will last a lifetime.

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Whether A Tourist Or Local – You’ll Experience A Side Of Sydney You’ve Never Seen…

However, Sydney’s Fantastic Race is not ALL about team building and live-or-die competitiveness. With public races held every Saturday and Sunday, we take bookings for as little as two people, so everyone can join in the fun.

It’s a great, out-of-the-box way to see beautiful Sydney.

And if you’re willing to step off the ‘beaten path’ we guarantee you’ll see landmarks and hidden spots in Sydney that most tourists will never experience.


As someone who isn’t Australian it was a great way to see some of the places I didn’t know existed.

– Fantastic Race Finalist

How The Fantastic Race Works…

If you’ve read this far, you’re at least a little interested in joining a Fantastic Race in the near future, so why not take a minute now to find out exactly how it works?

The race kicks off at 10.30 am at Sydney’s Central Station – a beautiful, iconic landmark in itself.

From there you’ll be broken up into teams (come as a group, or come alone and we’ll place you!), get team badges, race instructions, and sent on your way.


If at any time you get lost or a little frustrated, you can contact one of our fantastic race facilitators for a hint.

But please note: hints subtract from your race-time and could knock you off the winner’s podium.

All you’re required to bring is comfortable clothing, a water bottle, sunscreen, one smartphone with data (amongst your group) and sense of adventure.

We’ll supply snacks, refreshments, a post-race award ceremony at a local restaurant, and whatever assistance you may need.


Fun, energetic, challenging and most of all a great way to see Sydney in a whole new different perspective!


What an amazing day we had. Did this race with some friends and it certainly brought out the competitiveness in us, as well as getting the old brain working. Fantastic way to explore Sydney. Highly recommend.


My family and I enjoyed this unique experience very much. Finding clues around the city to places I’ve never visited before while racing against other teams. Something a little different and a fun way to spend a few hours. Great to get the children off their computers and out and about.

Less Than The Price Of Your Average Bus Tour… Twice As Fun

Sydney’s Fantastic Race costs just $80 per person to join and is perfect for all ages from 14-65.

You don’t need to be in particularly good shape to race, as you can go at a pace you’re comfortable with, but you must be mobile.

Therefore, the Fantastic race is not appropriate for push-chairs or wheelchairs.

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Spots Are Limited – Book Today!

After months of sold-out races, we’re now taking bookings again.

So, if you’re ready to take the challenge of a life-time in the heart of beautiful Sydney, here’s what you need to do.

Simply click or tap the ‘Book Now’ button below and follow the instructions.

We look forward to seeing you in Sydney and helping you across that finish line!

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The Amazing Race Sydney

Are you looking for something new to do in Sydney? How do you fancy a run, or gentle jog or walk, around our beautiful city with a boat load of adventure thrown in for good measure?

That’s exactly what you’ll get when you sign up for the most amazing race Sydney has available. You’ll not only get to play out your own version of reality show The Amazing Race Sydney-wide, but you’ll have the chance to explore the city like you’ve never been able to before. Our Sydney amazing race is like the Da Vinci Code, National Treasure and The Amazing Race all rolled into one and more.

Imagine taking part in your own interactive scavenger hunt, while enjoying a self-guided tour of Sydney.

Imagine immersing yourself in your own ‘who-dunnit’ mystery, solving clues while you use all your mental reserves to crack devious and sometimes incredibly tricky clues, beat the clock and reach the finish line in the fastest possible time.

It’s addictive, it’s challenging, it’s totally absorbing, and it’s the most fun you’ll have in a pair of running shoes.

Our course will take you on a journey around some of the most popular and some of the least known parts of The Harbour City. Once all the teams have made it to the finish, you’ll be rewarded with a presentation ceremony at a local restaurant, complete with nibbles and soft drinks or beer.

Book our amazing race challenges for team building for your next out-of-work activities day

Planning a team building exercise for your employees or work colleagues? Our amazing race team building experience will take your out-of-work activities to another level.

It’s the perfect way for you to find out which staff have the wits, the energy and the willingness to fully commit to the kind of amazing race ideas for team building that will really test their stamina, determination, mental agility and competitive spirit.

Pit your wits and skills and compete against each other or enter a team to compete against the rest of the field; but no matter which strategy you choose, you can be sure you’ll be taking part in the most amazing race team building Sydney has to offer.

Of course, if you do manage to win the gold medal – all the better!

If you think you know Sydney inside out, we’re here to issue you a challenge. Sign up for Fantastic Race and just like in the reality TV show Amazing Race, Sydney will become a place to explore, navigate and investigate as you work your way around the course.

You don’t have to be fit, but you do have to be mobile, and you certainly have to have your wits about you in order to solve clues which, just like in the reality show Sydney Amazing Race, can be devilishly hard to crack. But don’t worry, we’ll never leave you floundering.

After all, the number one aim of devising such an activity is to give you an amazing Sydney experience by taking part in the amazing race Sydney locals and visitors love.

If you’re a corporate manager or business owner who’s looking for ways to develop your staff outside of your normal working environment, take a closer look at our amazing race ideas for team building in Sydney.

Unlike some other team building events, we offer amazing race challenges for team building that not only provide an opportunity for your staff to increase their confidence and bring out their competitive streak while working as a team, but an event that will enable them to explore Sydney and go places they may never have been before.

In fact, we almost guarantee that you’ll see a hidden side of the city that you wouldn’t normally see in your day-to-day life, together with some of Sydney’s most famous and iconic landmarks.

Want to treat your staff to an amazing race team building day?

If you’d love to treat your staff to an amazing race team building day, but your staff comprises of just you and one other, don’t worry.

You can still take part in one of our public Sydney Fantastic Race days and enjoy all the thrills and spills of the competition either as an individual or as a small group.

You’ll not only get to participate in one of Sydney’s greatest adventures, but we predict that you’ll make some new friends along the way, and you may even meet some new business associates too. It’s a great way to network, test your stamina and skills, and have fun at the same time.

When you sign up for our amazing race team building Sydney businesses will get to enjoy a great day out for a price that’s not going to blow your corporate training budget. And you’ll get to meet lots of other like-minded people and share your experiences of your Fantastic Race.

And who knows, you may enjoy the experience so much that it becomes a regular event for team building purposes?

Get ready for the adrenaline rush and sign up for our unique Fantastic Race in Sydney

To book a place for Fantastic Race Sydney simply follow the instructions on our website, and get ready to enjoy an action packed bonding exercise like no other.

If you’d like to know more before you book, speak to mission control on 0477 50 88 41, drop an email to or complete our online contact form.

Are you brave enough to take the challenge?

Our Fantastic Race is very similar to The Amazing Race Sydney in which Sydney group activities are run in a form of a scavenger hunt. So if you are looking for some adventure activities or family activities in Sydney, look no further then The Fantastic Race.

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