Chinese New Year in Sydney – Fantastic Race Sydney

Are you planning on being in Sydney CBD for the Chinese New Year celebrations this weekend?  If so, to while away a few hours while waiting for the lunar lanterns exhibition, or waiting to see the lion dancing in Darling Harbour, why not do Fantastic Race Sydney!

Great for families – even the kids will love it! You’ll get to see parts of Sydney that you wouldn’t have seen otherwise. It’s a scavenger hunt and self-guided tour of Sydney, similar to The Amazing Race TV program but you test your wits, stamina and ingenuity and battle other teams for the ultimate prize – the gold medal!  

Whether you live in Sydney or are just visiting we recommend it – you won’t be disappointed. It’s full of surprises, totally addictive and heaps of fun for the whole family, or with a group of friends. Take our challenge and don’t miss out on all the fun! It’s only on Saturdays and some Sundays. Visit our website ( to book on-line or for more information.