Looking for something different to do this year for your Corporate Christmas Party – why not do this team building exercise in Sydney that encourages lateral thinking!

There’s no doubt that if you’re looking for team building activities in Sydney, there’s plenty of fantastic Sydney group activities to choose from; but there’s none quite like the experience offered by Fantastic Race Sydney.

We’re known for providing the most absorbing team building activities Sydney wide, that will really make your team think outside the box, and offer the kind of group activities Sydney businesses love, because they bring all your skills into play from logistics and communication to problem solving.

One of the best team activities Sydney wide.

By taking your team out of their work environment, you’ll not only get to see how they work as a team when they’re under pressure, but you’ll get to see how they relate to each other socially.

When there are no sales figures at stake, no orders to get out, and no clients to appease, and your team can simply concentrate on getting from A to B in the most efficient manner; you may see a side of people that you’ve never experienced before.

We think it’s one of the best team building activities Sydney has to offer, especially as it gives you the chance to explore our beautiful city as you negotiate the many challenges in store.

Explore Sydney and challenge your team

One of the reasons why we’re known for providing the kind of fun group activities Sydney businesses love, is because you get to see a side of Sydney that you’ve probably never seen before. Yes, we all know the iconic landmarks, but perhaps you’ve never taken the time to head off the beaten track?

When you take part in one of the Fantastic Race Sydney team building events, Sydney becomes the background to the challenge, forcing you to go places you wouldn’t normally go, to explore areas you may normally bypass and find concealed treasures that you never even knew existed.