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“A Truly Amazing and Fantastic Race around the beautiful city of Sydney”

Bored  … and perhaps looking for something different to do in Sydney on the weekend….  well, look no further!
Fantastic Race Sydney is equal parts interactive clue-based adventure game, live-action mystery novel, intellectual obstacle course, and self-guided tour giving visitors and locals the chance to see the Harbour City like the style of reality TV show “The Amazing Race”.

First of all Fantastic Race Sydney is FUN for everyone!  It’s one of the most unique things to do and unlike anything you’ve ever done before.  In addition this race offers an experience you will never forget.

Here are what some of our racers had to say about “Fantastic Race Sydney”:

One of the coolest things I have ever done in my life! Good questions, hard clues and an adrenaline rush! A MUST DO because you will NOT be disappointed!”

“We had so much FUN racing around beautiful Sydney trying to solve the clues as a team working together, especially great bonding with the teenagers!”

“Fun, energetic, challenging and most of all a great way to see Sydney in a whole new different perspective!”

“What an amazing day we had. Did this race with some friends and it certainly brought out the competitiveness in us, as well as getting the old brain working.  Fantastic way to explore Sydney. Highly recommend.”

“My family and I enjoyed this unique experience very much. Finding clues around the city to places I’ve never visited before while racing against other teams. Something a little different and a fun way to spend a few hours. Great to get the children off their computers and out and about.”

“As someone who isn’t Australian it was a great way to see some of the places I didn’t know existed.”


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Are you looking for fun activities in Sydney?

Of course, there are so many fun things to do in this wonderful city that you’re really spoilt for choice. However, if you’re looking for the kind of fun activities Sydney residents and tourists alike rave about, it’s time to put Fantastic Race Sydney on your fun activities to do in Sydney list.

While you don’t necessarily need running shoes to take part in our race, you will have to use your brain. There’s no switching off and letting your body do the work, you’ll need all your mental skills to get to the finishing line.

Using interactive clues, you’ll move from one location to the next, solving puzzles, cracking codes and filtering out red herrings, and you’ll get an in-depth tour of the city as you go. It’s one of those activities in Sydney that appeals to both visitors and residents alike, but don’t think you have an advantage just because you’re a local!

Immerse yourself in an action adventure of your own making in the Fantastic Race Sydney

Imagine being the central characters in the Da Vinci Code or National Treasure – racing against time to solve the clues and save the world. While the stakes aren’t quite as high in our Fantastic Race, you WILL want to be first to finish as there are medals to be won.

Whether you take part as a family, you’re planning to crack the code with friends, or you want to use our race as a way to identify which of your staff have the ingenuity, commitment and team-building skills to complete the course, you’ll find that it’s one of the most fun activities to do in Sydney. In fact, so much fun, we predict you’ll be signing up to do it again very soon.

While we’d never criticise other Sydney sightseeing tours, we give you the opportunity to take part in a sightseeing tour with a difference when you sign up for Fantastic Race Sydney.

By following our intriguingly cunning clues and cracking our crafty cryptic codes, you’ll end up visiting places in Sydney that aren’t on the usual tourist maps.

It’s a great way to see a different side to Sydney and to feel as though you’ve experienced the real heart of the city.

And, it’s one of the reasons why we’re known for providing fun but challenging activities in Sydney that will challenge even the keenest minds, whether you’re a tourist, a local, or a keen crossword or Sudoku puzzler.

The perfect activity for friends, family or colleagues

When you’re faced with a never-ending list of activities to do in Sydney, how do you choose which activity is best for you? Well, it’s true to say that if your idea of fun is lazing on the beach all day with the odd trip into the water to cool down, the Fantastic Race might put you out of your comfort zone.

But, if you do want to step out of familiar territory, find out where your limits are, and get yourself a bit of a workout into the bargain, the Fantastic Race could be just what you’re looking for.

And, as it combines fun, challenges and competition, it’s an ideal team activity for friends, families with teenagers, and for corporate away days.

Fun activities in Sydney don’t get much more fun than the Fantastic Race. It’s the perfect combination of wits, stamina, ambition and fun, and can be tackled by anyone over the age of 14 who’s able to get around under their own steam.

Part fantasy action adventure, part sightseeing tour, part scavenger hunt, the Fantastic Race Sydney is one of the most fun activities to do in Sydney for families, friends and colleagues. In fact, you can even take part on your own, as you can simply sign up for a regular public Fantastic Race and we’ll assign you to a team so that you can complete the course.

There’s no need to miss out one of the best fun activities Sydney has available, and there’s no need to miss out on the incredible bonding experience.

If you’re already taken part in Fantastic Race Sydney and you loved the experience, spread the word to as many people as you can and encourage them find out for themselves why it’s one of the best fun activities Sydney wide.

And don’t forget to reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest if you have any photos or Fantastic Race Sydney experiences you’d like to share.

You’re never on your own in the Fantastic Race

If you can’t find a team to join you, don’t worry, we’ll fit you into one of the teams taking part on the day. Plus, we’ll give every team the support it needs to finish the race – at a price of course. Simply book and turn up at Central Train Station, wearing comfortable clothes and flat shoes, and don’t forget to bring water and a smart phone with data.

We’ll finish the day with a medal presentation ceremony at a local restaurant, complete with nibbles, soft drinks and beer.

Book your place now by simply entering your details on the BOOK NOW page. If you do have any questions, you’ll find we’ve covered most things in our FAQ, but you’re always welcome to call us on 0477 50 88 41, drop an email to or complete our online contact form.

Our Fantastic Race is very similar to The Amazing Race Sydney in which Sydney group activities are run in a form of a scavenger hunt. So if you are looking for some adventure activities or family activities in Sydney, look no further then The Fantastic Race.

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