• Fantastic Race Sydney is one of the most unique things to do in Sydney. It’s an interactive clue-based adventure game, a hybrid of a sightseeing tour and live action mystery novel.
  • Fantastic Race Sydney gives visitors and locals the chance to see the Harbour City in the style of reality TV show “The Amazing Race”.
  • Fantastic Race Sydney offers an experience you will never forget.
  • Fantastic Race Sydney is FUN. There will be some outside-the-box problem solving, and running around but the race will take you to places the average tourist will never get to see.
  • Fantastic Race Sydney is immersive, challenging, and completely addictive.
  • A different and unique way to entertain out of town family or friends.
  • Opportunity to try a quirky experience on the weekend
  • An alternative to Escape Rooms.
  • Gives competitive people with an Insatiable hunger to win an opportunity to go for gold!
  • The chance to play a game that resembles reality TV programs Amazing Race, Survivor or any of the master detective clue solving programs around.
  • An afternoon of escapism whilst in the company of friends and family.

 We guarantee YOU will have fun – you may get frustrated, you may get angry, you may get very confused BUT they you will get your AHA moment (when you work out a clue !)….

Don’t hesitate – book now via our website: www.fantasticrace.com.au