Weather:  Blue skies for Sydney and hot! – 30oC.

Wow, a big day for Fantastic Race Sydney – 5 teams including a stag party (two teams of 5).  All off and racing in record times.  Who would use the help line first? I didn’t have to wait long …. the first phone call was at ‘that’ common clue that throws everyone!  

One team (yes from the stag party) thought they could cheat and try to work out the end location – failed miserably and headed to the Opera Bar to drown their sorrows (or find a hangover cure!).  

The other stag party team won in a good time of 2h 20 mins – well done Team United FC! – gold medal recipients.

Think Fantastic Race Sydney is your cup of tea – an Amazing Race around Sydney solving devious clues – if so jump on our website and book today…