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“A Truly Amazing and Fantastic Race around the beautiful city of Sydney”

Bored  … and perhaps looking for something different to do in Sydney on the weekend….  well, look no further!

First of all Fantastic Race Sydney is FUN for everyone!  It’s one of the most unique things to do and unlike anything you’ve ever done before.  In addition this race offers an experience you will never forget.

Here are what some of our racers had to say about “Fantastic Race Sydney”:

One of the coolest things I have ever done in my life! Good questions, hard clues and an adrenaline rush! A MUST DO because you will NOT be disappointed!”

“Fun, energetic, challenging and most of all a great way to see Sydney in a whole new different perspective!”

“What an amazing day we had. Did this race with some friends and it certainly brought out the competitiveness in us, as well as getting the old brain working.  Fantastic way to explore Sydney. Highly recommend.”

“As someone who isn’t Australian it was a great way to see some of the places I didn’t know existed.”


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How do you fancy taking part in a scavenger hunt with a difference? At Fantastic Race Sydney, we offer one of the best days out you’ll ever have in the city, with a Sydney scavenger hunt that will leave you with a feeling of exhilaration and satisfaction. Part Sydney treasure hunt, part self-guided city tour, this is one scavenger hunt you won’t want to miss.

Yes, that’s what you’ll get. The chance to completely immerse yourself in a fantasy world in real time in a real city. Adventure, thrills, spills, clues, red herrings, racing against the clock to see who’ll solve the mystery first.

It requires wits, energy, mental agility, stamina and commitment – but the rewards are immense. Well, we do have medals to give out at the after-event ceremony – but it’s the kudos of winning that matters. It’s the most fun scavenger hunt Sydney has to offer – are you ready for the challenge?

It’s no ordinary treasure hunt: Sydney treasure hunters should be prepared for surprises!

One thing you can be sure of, our treasure hunt is not your average Sydney treasure hunt. With interactive clues that take you all over city, you’ll get to see some of the most iconic landmarks, but we’ll also give you a chance to explore some of the places that won’t necessarily turn up in the guide books.

You’ll travel on public transport and use your feet but, most of all, you’ll be required to use your own ingenuity. But don’t worry – we’ll never leave you floundering. After all the emphasis of the day is on Fun with a capital F.

Sign up with us and you can look forward to a Saturday or Sunday afternoon like no other. From meeting at Central Train Station to the after-event party, you’ll be part of the Fantastic Race Sydney experience.

Simply turn up in comfortable clothes and flat shoes, and don’t forget your water.

As all the clues are interactive, you’ll also need a smart phone with data per team, and you may want to consider slapping on the sunscreen as you’re going to be on the move for 3 or 4 hours.

To end the day, you’ll attend an awards ceremony at a local restaurant, complete with nibbles, soft drinks and beer. Are you going to be on the winners’ rostrum?

You may have been on treasure hunts before, but we’d like to hazard a guess that you’ve never taken part in a Sydney treasure hunt of this magnitude. Our treasure hunt has been brought right up to date, using technology to deliver and help solve the clues and ciphers that will take you from one part of our beautiful city to another.

It offers the perfect opportunity to use both your individual personal skills and work as a team to crack codes, follow directions and navigate your way around some of the lesser known parts of Sydney. We think it’s the most challenging but fun scavenger hunt Sydney wide, and if you don’t believe us, it’s time you tried it for yourself!

Our Sydney scavenger hunt is the perfect team building activity

Whether you’re planning to tackle the Fantastic Race Sydney scavenger hunt with your family or friends, or you’re looking for a fun day out for corporate team building purposes, you’ll get to learn a lot about yourself and others when you take up the Fantastic Race challenge.

You’ll find skills you never thought you had, learn to rely on instinct, develop strategies that will put you ahead of other teams, and probably discover that you’re more competitive than you originally thought.

We offer the kind of treasure hunt Sydney people love because it encourages the team to work together to reach the end goal in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Whether you get to the finish line first, or whether you’re the last team to make it back to base, we guarantee that you’ll have bucket loads of fun, and that you’ll get to discover a few of Sydney’s well-hidden secrets along the way.

Join in our Sydney scavenger hunt as an individual

Have you always fancied yourself as Da Vinci Code’s Robert Langdon or National Treasure’s Benjamin Gates? By taking part in a Fantastic Race Sydney scavenger hunt, you’ll get the chance to play the leading role in your own action adventure.

And if you can’t find a team of fellow treasure hunters to join you, don’t worry, you can still take part in the most exciting treasure hunt in Sydney. We’ll simply assign you to a team of equally eager clue seekers who are as keen as you are to crack codes, solve clues, unravel riddles, resolve problems, and navigate your way around our beautiful city.

And who knows?

While you’re doing all this, you’re likely to make some new friends into the bargain. You may even find a set of kindred spirits who would like to repeat the experience again, and again. After all, the adrenaline rush you get from completing the Fantastic Race course is pretty addictive.

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Our Fantastic Race is very similar to The Amazing Race Sydney in which Sydney group activities are run in a form of a scavenger hunt. So if you are looking for some adventure activities or family activities in Sydney, look no further then The Fantastic Race.

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