Sunday, 17th November 2019

It was only 19oC today and raining when I arrived at the meeting point but by the time the teams set off it had stopped!

What a fantastic bunch of people we had doing the race today.  There were 28 people (8 teams) competing for the gold medal!  The bunch were made up of teams from overseas (Canada & Ireland) and other parts of NSW (Newcastle & South Coast) as well as a few local Sydneysiders.

Some teams had to ring for help, some just made a call to confirm the next location and two teams made no calls at all (including the winning team)

Our race record was equalled today – so a fantastic effort by Jaime and Cullum on collecting gold.

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PS – a big FANTASTIC cheer goes out to Stuart, Robert, Phil & James of team “BP – The Quiet Achievers” for racing with awesome attitude and humour xx